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Tracy K.

My girls have been attending A Child's Place (Unity Sunshine Program) for 2 ½ years.  My girls are 4 and 2 years old.  Unity Sunshine is a great program where we feel comfortable knowing the experienced staff have their growth and progress in mind.

Toni L.

My child is now 5 years old. He started at A Child’s Place (Unity Sunshine) when he was 3 years old. Casey receives speech and special education services. We’ve had an amazing experience with A Child’s Place. The staff and teachers are so accepting of Casey and really do help with his coping skills and calming down methods.

Karys A.

My child has been at A Child’s Place (Unity Sunshine) for 20 months. Jazmin is now 22 months old. She was 8 weeks old when she started. Jazmin does not receive any special services, just lots of love!! Jazmin enjoys coming to A Child’s Place. She loves her teachers, and has learned a lot of things from them. I would recommend A Child’s Place to any of my friends.

Cindy M.

My child has been at A Child’s Place (Unity Sunshine) for 11 months. Jaylee just turned one year old. My child absolutely LOVES coming to “school” every day. The staff are absolutely wonderful with him and have helped me raise a very intelligent, happy baby. As a single mom, I’m forever thankful for my son’s happiness and I couldn’t have done it without them.